Out-of-Class Stories

Each story must have at least four sources.  At least three must be human sources (interviews).  The third source may be a document or Internet source.  The stories are designed to apply the skills you learn in this class.  One week before stories 2, 4 and 5 are due, you should send me an e-mail message describing the story idea, anticipated sources, and any special problems the assignment poses.

1. Moscow City Council  story: Feb. 10

2. Profile of local government official:  Memo: Feb. 17, Story: Feb. 24

3. School Board story: March 2

4. Law enforcement or court story: Memo: March 16, Story: March 23

5. Borah Symposium story: Memo: April 6, Story: April 13

In-Depth Reporting Project

This will be an in-depth, investigative or explanatory story or series related to a campus or community issue.  Start thinking now about possible subjects.   Your story or series must have at least six sources, of which four must be human sources and at least two must be documents.  We’ll talk about this more in late February.  Because of the complexity of this assignment, a series of deadlines must be met:

  • Feb. 27: Proposal; to be discussed at mid-term conferences in early March.
  • March 30: Outline and source list due
  • April 20: Rough draft due.
  • April 30: Final draft due.

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