Ron Paul supporters at the Kibbie Dome. Photo: Geoff Crimmins, Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s second visit to Moscow generated plenty of media coverage. Here are three leads to stories in local newspapers. Which do you think most effectively captures the spirit of the event?

Holly Bowen in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News:

Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul spent part of Super Tuesday Eve at the University of Idaho, where he spoke to a crowd about twice as big as the one that attended a similar Feb. 17 rally in Moscow.

Brad Gary in the Lewiston Tribune (main story):

Ron Paul renewed his message of limited government and free markets in an encore performance at the University of Idaho Monday.

David Johnson in the Tribune (sidebar):

Why would a person attend a political rally for a presidential hopeful who’s probably destined to be an also-ran in the Republican primary battle? The answer, according to a sampling of around 2,400 attendees at a Ron Paul assemblage Monday afternoon, was as variable as the March weather outside the University of Idaho’s Kibbie Dome.

What are some of the strategies that reporters employ to give a sense of the excitement of a political rally to readers/listeners who did not attend?