David Johnson

David Johnson, a roving regional reporter and weekly columnist for the Lewiston Tribune, will speak to class Wednesday, Feb. 15. His topic is how to make public-affairs stories more interesting by taking a human-interest angle.

Johnson began his newspaper career in 1975 at the Idahonian, now the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. He is the author of No Ordinary Lives: One Man’s Surprising Journey into the Heart of America, published in 2002.  Johnson is mentioned in the current issue of Columbia Journalism Review.  Writer Kevin Coyne talks about noted war journalist Ernie Pyle and then mentions how this genre of journalism seems to be fading, with a few exceptions.

… A notable and enduring holdout is David Johnson at Idaho’s Lewiston Tribune, who for a quarter-century now has been opening the local phone book at random to find the subjects for his “Everyone Has a Story” column.

Please come to class prepared to turn in a question for Dave about his approach to interviewing, reporting and telling stories.