A new report shows how Americans spend their media time. (Source: Nielsen.com)

Nielsen, a company that measures U.S. television viewing, released a report today that tracks “cross-platform” viewing. Its study mentions a growing trend of “cord-cutters” – people who are canceling their cable subscriptions because they are receiving television programs via other sources, especially broadband (Internet).

The report made the front page of the Business Day section of the New York Times, which highlighted the demographic divide among TV viewers: “Americans ages 12 to 34 are spending less time in front of TV sets, even as those 35 and older are spending more. ….”  The story notes that Nielsen distinguishes between people who watch TV shows online and those who watch over the air or on cable – a distinction that many young viewers don’t make.  The story finishes with some remarkable anecdotes about TV viewing by children using an iPad and a Roku box.