That’s the number of members of the Electoral College (based on 100 senators, 435 House members and three delegates from the District of Columbia). It’s also the name of a political blog at The New York Times, founded by Nate Silver in 2008 and acquired by the Times in 2010. Here’s its mission statement:

FiveThirtyEight’s mission is to help New York Times readers cut through the clutter of this data-rich world. The blog is devoted to rigorous analysis of politics, polling, public affairs, sports, science and culture, largely through statistical means. In addition, FiveThirtyEight provides forecasts of upcoming presidential, Congressional and gubernatorial elections through the use of its proprietary prediction models.

Watch the blog this week to see how accurately it predicts the results of the Florida Republican primary.

Update (Feb. 3): FiveThirtyEight predicts the outcome of primaries in Nevada, Arizona and Michigan.